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Image by Phil Shaw

A Brief Portfolio

The projects featured on this page are ones created throughout my artistic journey. Some of them are collections and others are individual projects. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my work!!

Drawing I


Motion Design and Animation I

Langston Hughes Animated Poem Project

Audio Credits:
Poem read by: Grace Darling
All background sounds from
     - Music is Twilight Piano Loop by M-Murray
     - Ambient noise is Outdoor Ambience by Seth-M
     - Rain sound is Rain.Wav by Idomusics

Foundations of Digital Media II

final alice 1.jpg
final alice 4.jpg
final alice 5.jpg
final alice 10.jpg

Alice in Wonderland

MFA Poster Design-02.png
MFA Poster Design-01.png
MFA Poster Design-03.png

"Off The Rails" 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition Posters

Design Lab II Work

For this assignment, we were told to design three posters for the 2022 Masters of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition. Next, after many rounds of critiques, we were told to pick our favorite and animate it. This was my first time ever using Adobe After Effects, but I loved the final project and seeing how everything moved together, sparking my interest in Motion Design and Animation.

Design Lab I Work

Digital Collage 3-Baker Charbonnet-09.27.22.jpg
Digital Collage 1-Baker Charbonnet-09.27.22.jpg

Self Portrait Collage
Too Soft
Too Much
Too Crazy

DEI Poster


6 Word Memoir

Other Work


AP 2-D Design Portfolio

Identify the question(s) or inquiry that is guiding your sustained investigation

As a person who is extremely passionate about women's rights and activism, I sought to see how I could explore the topic of women’s rights and feminism visually. Though my idea has remained quite fluid throughout the early phases of my portfolio, the growth has been linear and logical: shifting from the sexist portrayal of women in video games to how the misogynistic and male-centric portrayal of women in media and the entertainment industry has permeated into the treatment of women in modern society. 

Describe how your sustained investigation shows evidence of practice, experimentation, and revision guided by your question(s) or inquiry

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to work with mixed media to communicate my message of how women are treated in society as a result of their representation in media, both traditionally and digitally. As the year progressed, I found myself more successful in integrating a variety of media into a single image. I began exploring similar materials to convey the message of being trapped: both In the physical and virtual world.  All of my pieces convey an element of text, drawing reference to comics, another form of media where women are objectified. 

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